8 Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen


Top Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen: Between cooking and cleanup, chances are you spend a good chunk of your time at home in one room—the kitchen. Shouldn’t it be a space you love? There’s no shortage of benefits of remodeling your kitchen. Let’s take a look at a few!

Bigger, More Functional Cooking Space
If you’re like most folks, you probably primarily use your kitchen to prepare meals, and a remodel is the perfect way to achieve your culinary goals. A remodel allows you to optimize your kitchen layout. You can also install new countertops, task lighting, and professional cooking appliances to transform your kitchen into a practical cooking space. Take a look at some of our kitchen remodeling ideas here.

Increased Comfort
A kitchen remodel also allows you to incorporate various elements to improve your kitchen’s comfort, such as an updraft ventilation system and windows to optimize airflow and natural light. Proper ventilation can improve a kitchen’s air quality and provide relief from allergies—or just the powerful smells of your latest meal—even if you love, say, fillet of salmon, you probably don’t want to smell it for days. Other features to consider include comfortable seating or an air purification system.

Improved Safety
According to the Department of Energy, stoves can emit toxic pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide. By installing appliances such as a range hood, you can eliminate these harmful contaminants, so your kitchen air is safe. You can consider installing other safety features during your remodel as well, such as slip-resistant flooring, proper lighting, and accessible storage space for a fire extinguisher.

More Storage
Speaking of storage, installing storage solutions during your remodel allows you to organize and declutter your kitchen. We offer a wealth of affordable options, including under-counter island cabinets, customer drawer organizers, or a pull-out that fits under your sink. Open shelves also provide a simplistic yet effective way to increase your kitchen’s storage space.

Higher Energy Efficiency
With a kitchen remodel, you can cut back on your household’s energy consumption and maintain a greener lifestyle. Switch to energy-efficient LEDs, which use about 70% less energy than standard light bulbs. Other energy-efficient upgrades include low-flow faucets to decrease water usage or a tankless hot water system that heats your kitchen’s water on-demand.

Increased Savings on Utilities
A prominent benefit of efficient upgrades is the monthly savings on your utility bill. Kitchen appliances with an Energy Star-rating meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy-efficiency standards, and they are affordable to power. Upgrades such as double-glazed windows and insulation will also maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Higher Home Value
Potential buyers care about kitchens—69% of relators claim a quality kitchen is the biggest selling point a home can have. You can recoup up to 60% of your kitchen remodeling costs when you sell. In addition to a relatively high ROI, a kitchen remodel will also attract offers and make your home easier to sell.

Updated Kitchen Style
Who doesn’t want a beautiful kitchen? With a remodel, you can creatively implement fundamental design elements such as space, texture, and color to create a space where you love to spend your time. To many homeowners, deciding on focal points and design elements is the best part of the renovation process.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen
At Kitchen & Bath Factory, our designers and licensed contractors will ensure that you derive optimal benefit from your kitchen remodeling project. To start the remodeling process, visit our showroom in Arlington, Virginia, and remember to bring your ideas and existing kitchen floorplan!

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