August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

For some period of time I wanted to give my wife the kitchen she always wanted. Financially, we stayed in the starting blocks for a very long time. When money was finally available, the companies we were working with had lost interest in us.
By word of mouth, we heard very good things about All American Kitchens and Baths.

Steven Jones, the owner and our contact at All American Kitchen and Baths is extremely knowledgeable on the latest developments in kitchens. Couple that with his experience on how to utilize existing space and you have a sure winner.
During the interview and materials selection process, he got an almost immediate understanding of what my wife was looking for in a kitchen. From a few basic questions and material selections he was able to put together a package for us.

The construction was as about as good as construction is going to get when you lose use of your kitchen while living in your home. His workers were very personable, very honest, hardworking, punctual, and communicated readily. My experience with them was the best. No false promises. They delivered what they said they would within the schedule and time-frame they said they would. I would use any one of them again on a project without any hesitation.

If I ever had to do a kitchen again I will go straight to All American Kitchens and Baths. If you found a good thing that works, why change it.